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generacja D3, Rotax 912 iS SPORT2, hydraulic retractable gear, 3-blade, composite, ground adjustable propeller, emergency parachute system, LED lights integrated in a leading edge of the wings and on a nose landing gear, LED position and strobe lights on wing tips, leading edges of the wings and embedded horizontal stabilizer covered by reflective strip, accu LIFE 20Ah, fuel tanks 126l, 2-pistons hydraulic BERINGER brake system, BERINGER alloy wheels with tubeless tires, electric flaps, electric trim, 4-point safety belts, ALCANTARA seats, 406MHz ELT, Dynon SkyView (2x10" MFD - 1x touchscreen, synthetic vision, 2x ADAHRS, 2x GPS, engine and fuel monitoring, intercom, 1x MFD backup bat., Wi-Fi module, autopilot w/ "LEVEL" button and auto trim, mode “S” transponder w/ ADS-B out), Left MFD touchscreen capability, Right MFD touchscreen capability, GARMIN GTR225A radio, SkyDemon 1-year subscription

Projekt wnętrza: light gray ecco leather stitched with dark gray thread, central panel with matt carbon finish

Possible upgrades: 3-blade in-flight adjustable propeller with metal leading edges and automatic rpm control | detachable headrests | Traffic Information System (ADS/B in + FLARM) with collision prediction warnings | "exclusive exterior" design

Aircraft Scheduled for Delivery

OK Aviation Group

Drásov 201
261 01 Příbram
Republika Czeska

Lotnisko Příbram (LKPM)
GPS 49.716N 14.096E
Příbram RADIO: 118,755 MHz


+420 318 690 641
+420 318 690 645

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